Tongan Fellowship

We are privileged to have the local Tongan Community worshiping with us.   Vahefonua Tonga O Aotearoa at Levin Uniting Church offers loving Christian Fellowship to Tongan people now living in the Horowhenua. The fellowship regularly participates in services at Levin Uniting Church.

Vahefonua Tonga O Aotearoa is the Tongan fellowship in Aotearoa and embraces all Tongans in New Zealand who are Methodists.   The Vahefonua has been given, by the MCNZ Conference, the responsibility for oversight of all Tongan members of the Methodist Church of New Zealand, and to empower them in their worship of God.

For information about our Tongan Fellowship please feel welcome calling   Siela  & Talahiva  Nau     Phone 027-304-4057


Vahefonua Tonga is a standing committees of the Methodist conference and functions as a national court or forum for Tongan fellowships within the Methodist Church of New Zealand.    It may sometimes liaise directly or indirectly as appropriate with any overseas conference or church, and any regional or global Methodist organisation, and also any ecumenical or secular agency.