LUC Mission Plan 2014

We affirm “ Christ is our foundation who inspires us to be a worshipping welcoming, giving group of people, actively sharing the good news within our community and beyond.” Levin Uniting Parish is a fellowship which includes both the congregations of St Johns Methodist Church and St Andrews Presbyterian Church Levin / Waitarere  which joined together as one body in February 2008 to advance the Gospel of Jesus Christ and demonstrate the Love of God for all people. All worship activities were shifted to the St Andrew’s site, which is now known as Levin Uniting Church on Oxford.  St Andrews Presbyterian Church has been at the same site for many years serving the local community.

Levin Uniting Church aims to be a place of welcome, inclusion, diversity and reconciliation where people are accepted and encouraged in pursuing their faith.

  • Responding to God’s call, we listen for and minister to the spiritual, emotional, and physical needs of our congregation and community, using the resources God has given us.
  • We nurture each person in their relationship with Jesus and provide opportunities to be connected in community through worship, music, education, and prayer.
  • We share the Word and demonstrate the love of the Spirit, working and praying for people to experience healing, reconciliation, and transformation.

We seek to honour Jesus’ prayer that his followers   “will be one with each other, just as you and I are one”.  (John 17:11)

Our identity and heritage:

Methodism in Aotearoa dates back to 1822 and The Presbyterian Church dates from 1840, The Church acknowledges a bicultural commitment and rejoices in its multicultural character.  The Church shares in the wider church of Jesus Christ throughout the world and is committed to sharing in God’s mission to the world, seeking to announce, with the promised guidance and power of the Holy Spirit, the good news of God’s transforming love in Jesus Christ for all people.

Reach out:

We are committed to reaching men, women and children with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and believe this is best done from a well resourced and centralised worship centre in Levin.  As good Stewards it’s our responsibility to ensure we care for and manage plant and resources wisely.  We believe it is important to consolidate our operations and work out ward from the Levin site.

Capacity Building:

 In our diversity we aim to follow Jesus by loving God, and his people which we evidence through helping others to grow and share as disciples.

  1. Together we strive to be loving faithful Servants to God and each other.
  2. We strive to be a church family, connected to each other and reaching beyond our walls.
  3. As a growing, caring and sharing family of faith we are committed to encouraging each other and building positive relationships.
  4. We strive to communicate with and remain relevant to all generations.

Our Values are:

  1. Loving God by engaging in worship; following God’s word; staying connected; and recognizing God is our provider.
  2. Loving People wherever you are, wherever you go; everyone’s welcome; culturally relevant; quality relationships.
  3. Making Disciples – sharing our faith; come as you are but don’t stay that way; be the Body to one-another.

The priorities for the next three years:

  1.  To use all manner of strategies, efforts and devices to connect with and encourage people to an enduring faith in Jesus.
  2. To partner with others in communicating the Love of God for humanity through Preaching, Teaching, Sharing and Enabling ordinary and extraordinary things of daily living.
  3. To demonstrate Stewardship in management of resource’s entrusted to us.
  4. To progress with dispose of surplus plant in Levin and Waitarere.
  5. To support, resource and encourage community outreach programmes such as the Sunday Evening Meal, Loaves and Fishes, and the like.
  6. To be a truly ‘Kids Friendly” Church striving to engage Children, Young people and their families.
  7. To grow as Gods people, evidencing Resilience and a passion for reaching out to the community.

This Mission Plan was first confirmed by the Parish Council at its meeting on Wednesday 10th December 2014 and subsequently reviewed on 19th August 2015.