Conversations with friends and family have left me wondering how we can better be ‘Church’ amongst families in our community.

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Raising a young family in the modern world requires a set of skills which those of us from earlier generations often don’t appreciate.   If it helps please feel welcome talking to me. I will raise issues or concerns with my Parish Council colleagues.

Allen Little. Parish Councillor
               Allen Little.            

We know parents want the very best of experience’s for their children and some struggle to see the modern Church as relevant for their family.    Many young parents struggle to cope and some know an insidious creeping disempowerment which discourages their ability to engage and belong.   Besides the natural events and pressures of parenthood many young people have come to think the Church and its heritage are irrelevant for them.

As a Church we want to be genuinely accessible to and relevant for young families’.     Levin Uniting Parish wants to be a place of welcome and inclusion for a diverse mix of people.  Just as there can be a sense of isolation for people as they age so it is when young families’ engage in the mix and match of demand’s or priorities around engagement and sharing.    There is a huge challenge in ‘isolation’ which arises when young parents don’t have support networks of immediate family ready, willing and available to lend a hand or encourage when needed.

Is there more we as a Church could do to help and encourage young families’ of our community ?   Please use the Contact Us page on this web site to share your comments or observations. 

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