Evening Meal

Welcome to meal

Church Hall. 87 Oxford St, Levin 

Doors open early.  There is a warm welcome for guests who enjoy a  hot meal and good company together.  All contributions  are gratefully received.

Late afternoons before the meal is served there is an opportunity to come along and socialise in a relaxed atmosphere where everyone is welcome.   The meal is served at 6 PM . 

If you want further information or need to talk with someone the event organiser is Jack:-

Jack Gibson-2016

We hope people know they can come even if they are ‘broke’ and  cant afford it.  If there are any issues or problems please just see ‘Jack’.     

If you would like to help with a  Tax Deductible donation in support of providing food for local people in need please know your contribution is welcome. You can donate with confidence using the “Give-a-little” facility.


Community Meal

 Sadly there have been some unruly children in the past and they necessitated us having a few simple rules including Respect of other people and the property we share.  Consideration for peoples thoughts and feelings.  Good manners and courtesy.   Following  rules and instructions.