Parents should know their Children are welcome at Levin Uniting Church.  The Parish Council decided some time ago to work at becoming a  ‘Kids Friendly’ Church.  As resources and opportunities enable Ministry for and with children will expand.

“Kids Friendly”   is an initiative of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa which recognises the vital contribution children and families make to healthy congregations and it aims to equip churches to intentionally minister to children and families. The Kids Friendly Coaches offers advice, training, coaching and “best practice” resources to all Presbyterian and Uniting churches.     The  Kids Friendly Mission is ”  To cultivate churches with a heart for ministering to children and families”.
LUP-Kids 001
 We want to build our work with Children and Young People.  There are some very good extra resources available for people to consider.
 Since 1865 the NZ Sunday School Union based in Auckland has endeavoured to promote a spirit of unity amongst their affiliated church members providing high quality scripture lessons, examinations and educational resources suitable for children from as young as five years of age through to adulthood.     The Sunday School Union is continuously introducing new resources and focusing on designing scripture lessons which address the needs of today’s young people ensuring they receive the Bible’s perspective on  life’s challenges.   For more information visit the Sunday School Union.

In these modern times many children and young people have lost contact with the Church and  few  know about the Bible .   Enjoy this short bright video.