Music & Choir

At Levin Uniting Church we are privileged to have a faithful Choir who regularly share their musical gifts with the people.  This dedicated group practice  each week contributing many Blessings in melody and giving a lead to Congregational singing.    Our members have a strong Choral tradition with both  St Andrews  and St Johns choirs  previously featuring  on TVNZ’s Sunday morning  programme “Praise Be”.   

Levin Uniting Church Choir

“Our choir endeavours to sing a variety of both traditional and more modern church music, and offers a short Introit and Anthem at most Sunday morning services; and occasionally at special times e.g. Advent, we endeavour to lead service with a more substantial presentation. The choir has a history of continuous worship offering for over a century, and members enjoy the companionship of music-making and spiritual uplift.

Our  Lessons in Carols Service is a real Advent  highlight for the Church.

Choir 14th December 2014 'Lessons in Carols'
           Choir 14th December 2014 ‘Lessons in Carols’

The main church building has a fine two-manual and pedal pipe-organ for accompanying, but we make do with small keyboard and piano while worshipping in the hall at present. Rev. Phil joins with his guitar to lead congregational singing on occasion. The choir is always looking for new members, so if you are keen to try adding your voice in praise, do come and talk to any of the choir members. “