Levin Uniting Church is committed to working with others to encourage Ecumenism, Inter Church good will and Collaboration where ever possible.

Ecumenism mainly refers to initiatives which foster and promote greater Christian unity or cooperation. These initiatives are often referred to as interdenominational activities.

At the Gathering of Presbytery Central on Saturday 14th May 2016  Rev Dr Jim Veitch presented a “Future  Directions” paper hoping attendees would share it with their Parish Councils and Congregations, encouraging people to pursue and engage in local dialogue.    You can read Jim’s paper by clicking this link  Rev Dr Jim Veitch – Future Direction paper

This is an important and timely set of notes which merits our full consideration and engagement.  The paper was shared with our Parish Council on Wednesday 18th May 2016 and it was agreed we should set up a local ‘Ecumenical Collaboration’ group to progress Unity and working together”